Honey is more than just a dance studio. At Honey, we are passionate about creating an empowering, supportive and judgement-free environment in which dancers can build confidence and self-love through dance.

We offer adult classes for beginners through to professional dancers. No matter where you're at in your dance journey, we can help you reach your goals. At Honey, you'll get to meet like-minded friends and have so much fun as your improve your dance style, technique and ability.

HI Queens!

My name is Kate Kleine, I am the owner of Honey.

I created this dance studio for people like YOU… because you deserve to feel empowered, loved, supported and celebrated in a space that is judgement-free. You deserve to love yourself, to feel confident and to feel sexy!

Dance has taken me around the world, introduced me to people I consider family, allowed me to get to know myself and helped me to be brave and strong! Dancing makes me feel ALIVE! I want YOU to know the same feeling.

Whether you have never danced before, haven’t danced in a long time or you are a professional dancer… Honey is for YOU. I know it can be daunting trying something new… However, Honey is carefully designed so that you feel completely AMAZING and supported through every step of the process.

Thank you so much for supporting Honey and allowing my dream to be a reality. I am so grateful for you, always.

I can’t wait to meet you.
Love, Kate xoxo

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New to honey

At Honey, we understand how daunting it can be to try something new. For this reason, we have designed the space to be as welcoming and empowering as possible so that you will feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door! You'll be hooked after your first class!

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We offer a range of different dance styles at Honey such as Heels, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and more! We'll teach you the foundations, technique and style behind each style and give you the space to be unapologetically YOU.

Our adult dance classes are judgement-free, empowering, supportive and suitable for all levels.

Dance Styles

Experience the fun

Come and enjoy yourself at our supportive, empowering and judgement-free adult dance classes.

Suitable for all levels.

Pricing & Memberships

  • First Class FREE

    First Class FREE

    Receive your first class FREE! Click the link below to find out how.

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  • Single Drop In Class ~ $30

    Single Drop In Class ~ $30

    A perfect option for dancers who can only commit to one class a week or who are still experimenting with their dance journey. This is also great for dancers who regularly visit family and friends on the Sunshine Coast from time to time and want to be a part of the amazing HONEY community.

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  • Class Passes

    Class Passes

    At HONEY, we have a variety of class passes and memberships to suit every dancer.

    From casual visits to those who frequent the HONEY studio multiple times a week...We've got you, Queen!

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  • Unlimited Membership

    Unlimited Membership

    The ultimate Honey experience and value for those who are invested in their dance journey and want to become a Honey Member. With over 15 classes scheduled each week, the unlimited Honey membership gives you the freedom to dance at all of our open classes, with the added benefits of discounts on private lessons, special events and Honey merchandise. See our T’s & C’s page for further information.

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“It is often said that self-confidence is one of the most beautiful things one can possess.Joining Kate's dancing class has certainly re-kindled my level of confidence and given me a fresh and positive outlook on my inner self. I love the feeling of walking out of the class oozing with confidence and feeling sexy.I appreciate the support I have received from the other dancers which has been unprecedented and makes you feel so special and unique. Kate is not only an amazing dancer but also a skilful coach who has created an amazing culture for us 'Queens'. So... If you are looking to re-discover yourself then... don't wait any longer and join us on the Sunshine Coast.”


“Honey’s heels is amazing! I was scared at first to go because I haven’t done any type of dancing since I was little especially in heels (only at the clubs) but Kate and all the girls there are so lovely and make you feel so welcome and comfortable! It’s such a vibe and so much fun. I can’t believe Honey is on the Sunshine Coast. They honestly bring out another you. Love going when I can, could do it every day if I was able to!


"I LOVE HONEY HEELS!I can’t recommend these classes enough!! When I took my first class just shy of three weeks ago I was so nervous about what to expect, not being good enough etc but Kate has created one of the most supportive, uplifting and empowering, judgment-free environment I have ever been in. Kate is someone everyone needs in their life, her energy and aura is next level. I’m so incredibly grateful I’ve found dance classes that make you feel so good about yourself no matter your ability.”


”As a stay at home mum, I don’t get to go out and do things for myself as often as I would like… Kate choreographs beautiful routines that are flattering and cater to everyone’s skill levels in the days class. I’ve started to gain confidence in myself and come away feeling challenged, sexy and proud of my achievements. Dance days are now my absolute favourite days of the week and the one thing I look forward to. Kate is very supportive and welcoming and she makes an amazingly safe and supportive fun space. I love that I’m also getting a cardio workout without even feeling like it because I’m just having fun!”


"Ever since starting at Honey Heels on the Sunshine Coast, I have not only grown within myself mentally and physically but my confidence in being myself and my dancing has grown so much! Every week stepping into the studio I am consistently surrounded by queens that are empowering, strong, wonderful women and I’ve made some life long friendships. Kate has created such a welcoming dance studio for all levels from beginners to advance and the atmosphere is always a vibe!”